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About Hedmarktoppen

Hedmarktoppen is Hamar's old excursion point and was often referred to as "Skistua" or "the Ski Lodge". In 1954, the place was acquired by the Pentecostal movement in Norway and for the past 65 years, the place has been used as a motel and Christian convention- and conference venue. In 1970, the folk high school opened and since then Hedmarktoppen has been a folk high school in the winter season, and camping, accommodation and conference venue in the summer season. Though, we do offer cabins all year.

Hedmarktoppen and Hamar Cabin rental is idyllically located on a hill overlooking the Hamar area, and offers cabins, apartments and rooms in peaceful surroundings. The nearest neighbor is Furuberget which has 1000 acres of beautiful forrest terrain, with hiking trails in the summer and groomed ski trails in the winter.

Hedmarktoppen is located about 4 km from Hamar center and is accessible by city bus (about 1 km away). There is good and easy access from the E6 road (2 km) and it is easy to find.

We warmly welcome you to Hedmarktoppen and Hamar Cabin rental!

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